Treatment Options

At Medfit we provide an intergarted healthcare approach where our clients have access to a full team of weight management specialists (Medics, Dieticians, Nutritionists, Psychologists, Physiotherapists and Exercise specialists). 

Medfit provide a range of individual and personalised solutions all of which are overseen by Prof Le Roux (Head of Weight Management Services at Medfit). 


Nutrition Options

If you are interested in nutrition options the starting point is a consultation with our Dietitian Therese Colmans or Nutritionist Dr. Werd Al-Najim who will develop a suitable programme. Find out more about our Nutrition options.

Medical Options

If you have tried lifestyle options (diet and exercise) and like the majority of people they haven't worked the appropriate starting point is a consultation with Prof. Le Roux. He will discuss all treatment options and develop a suitable treatment plan.

Our academic and clinical experience has taught us that there are no quick fixes when it comes to losing weight. There is no one established solution for successful long-term weight loss to fit all patients. No two clients are the same and thus a personalised approach based on the best medical evidence available is required.

You will be assessed by our multi-disciplinary team which is led by Professor Carel Le Roux. This will involve a medical and weight history assessment incorporating the Kings Obesity Staging Criteria, a clinical tool which helps identify and measure changes in health outcomes related to obesity.

You will then be given a personalised programme designed to achieve and maintain weight loss by decreased caloric intake, behaviour modification and increased physical activity.  Long-term weight maintenance can be supported with the addition of other treatments such as exercise, pharmacotherapy, medical devices or surgery. All the approaches are based on evidence from large multinational studies to bring cutting edge scientific evidence to the clinical environment.

Other Services

Medfit is a physiotherapy and rehab centre which incorporates a full gym. In addition to membership Medfit has a range of physio and rehab services including:

Medfit has a range of short video's from our clinicians along with client testimonials which explain what we do and how we positively impact people's quality of life.