80% of people who are overweight or obese will fail to achieve and maintain weight loss using just diet and exercise. For these people it’s not a lack of willpower or as simplistic as saying eat less and exercise more.

Our aim is to get the right treatment to the right patient at the right time. We want to make all those seeking to lose weight and maintain weight loss aware of the treatment options available and the research and evidence that supports these options. In this way each person can make informed decisions

RTE - Obesity in Ireland: UCD professor has some solutions

Treating obesity through diet and lifestyle interventions alone hasn't work in any country in the world. Professor Carel le Roux says it's time to change the narrative.

RTÉ LifeStyle's Taragh Loughrey-Grant sat down with the Professor to discuss Ireland's growing obesity crisis.

Interview: When losing weight proves difficult.

Wen Type 2 diabetes occurs together with obesity, the risk of complications increases significantly. Deborah Condon talks to Prof Carel le Roux about treatment options aimed at reducing weight.

Professor Le Roux will be speaking at IrSPEN 2019 on the 28th of March in the Aviva Stadium. Plese be welcome to participate of the event.